Mathew Suen


Stamfordia was envisioned as a utopia for retirees. With an aging population with evaporated 401ks and an alarmingly small cohort left to deal with them (those babyboomers should have had more kids) the issue of housing seniors will become the next big issue in public health. Stamford, situated just an hour from New York is perfect, in many ways for a retirement community. It's location offers an idyllic setting for a New England themed community as well as offering busy adults easy access to their loved ones through its connection to New York. Furthermore, as Stamford and Connecticut in general is more or less boring and uninteresting, it offers the perfect setting for such projects which aim to offer both quiet, comfort, and just the right amount of excitement. Stamfordia offers facilities ranging from intensive memory care (in an enclosed world) to beach side units. It also offers shops and retail along a desirable waterfront strip, offering facility operators to increase income and revenue which may go back into running the facility. It may also allow more active seniors to volunteer and work as well as mingle with people of all ages which has been found to be beneficial to the quality of life of older adults.