Mathew Suen

Because Brooklyn Needs More Art Things

The Brooklyn Navy Yard has been a fixture on the East River for much of New York's history. As its strategic importance for the US Navy waned, it became an industrial zone, and with its already-established drydocks, it also serves as one of New York City's last remaining ship repair yards. While there has been great redevelopment in the area for various new light-manufacturing program, the area had also seen a rise in creative professionals, such as the notable Steiner Studios on the site itself. This led to the idea of proposing a Kunsthalle gallery on one of the piers. As the program was diverse, including various public and educational spaces in addition to the studios and gallery itself, it was necessary to thoroughly investigate the needs and desires of each group. Each user group was given its distinct zones and axes, yet had to be linked to a central entry. This entry was placed in the middle of the site to allow for easy water and land access as well as form a locus for the program to form around. The large bar serves to wrap the entire project, unifying its manifold functions, while lending a certain monumentality to the building.