Mathew Suen


I am1 a designer who spent a lot of formal training in architecture schools only to discover an interest in much much more. My work2 includes coding, graphic design, and architecture. I sometimes collaborate with other designers, artists, and other people of interest. The past couple of years have also seen me as an urban designer engaging in masterplanning and community engagement work. Personal interests include long moralizing novels with unresolved plots, architectural details, spreadsheets, whales, and creating the perfect cup of milk tea.

I live in New York. I am a full-time almost-architect.3 My other full-time job is being a Canadian.4

For a less first person singular summation of myself, a CV may be found here.


For inquiries, or nice letters, please direct all correspondence to:


  1. Interesting how most "About" pages of personal/independent websites like to refer to the person (here, me) in the third person. As I am sure that most of them are written by themselves (sheer volume of these kinds of short bios would suggest a far more robust market for biographers if these bios were in fact not autobios as opposed to my supposition that people just like to write about themselves with some distance; possibly a result of high school teachers screaming at you not to write in the first person in essays or formal writing? An investigation for another time.
  2. Doesn't "work" sound so pretentious?
  3. Licensure ain't easy but it's necessary.
  4. This is far more difficult than it sounds. Retaining Canadianness without assimilating into a full American requires a concentrated effort on observing numerous subtleties.